As a multidisciplinary artist and teacher, my diverse practice supports an ongoing investigation into how we interact with each other physically, psychologically, and socio-politically. My videos, drawings, prints, and performances reimagine the possibilities and limitations of gender, intimacy, and relationships in late capitalist America. I am interested in how private feelings bleed unpredictably into the public space of the community and surrounding landscape. My work is influenced by my own experience of top surgery and gender queerness, my commitment to queer and feminist collaborations and pedagogies, as well as my role as a caregiver and teacher of people with Alzheimer’s and other disabilities.

My work presents a series of haptic encounters with people, objects, spaces, and histories, shifting between the intimate and remote, the slippery and stable, the poetic and political. I am interested in moments of recognition and the processes by which we experience an “other,” or come to know or love them. The handle, a recurring image in my work, is a literal representation of something we reach for, hold onto, or lean on for support. The handle is also a metaphor for our connection to the outside world. Exploring what is at stake when we interact with the world, my work contemplates these areas of contact—suspended possibilities that arise between one action and the next—and the ways we contain or expose ourselves in precarious, yet quotidian situations.
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