Fishing with Angela, 2015-2016, single channel video and stills

Total run time: 11:09

In spring 2015, artist and mentor Angela Dufresne took Kerry Downey on a fishing trip upstate. Downey's subsequent project, both video and performance, uses an overhead projector to copy Dufresne’s gestures. This work explores the relationship between fishing and painting, mentor and mentee. As Dufresne ties flies to mimic nature to catch a fish, Downey imitates Dufresne, trying to learn what Dufresne has to teach experientially. By taking on her gestures, Downey is interested in the somatic ways feminist and queer histories move through bodies. This work also explores wetness and flow, drawing connections between bodies of water, both figurative and environmental.  

Clocktower Radio, in conjunction with 2MF, hosted a conversation between Kerry Downey Maria Stabio.

Interview with EFA Project Space