How to see in the dark, 2017, single-channel video; 12:37

Using an overhead projector and improvisational techniques with paper, light, and sound, Downey reconstructed their sensory and psychological experience walking alone in the dark. This work explores orientations towards safety and belonging as a phenomenology that directly impacts our relationships, production of knowledge, and how we map places and peoples. Desire, intimacy, and connection to place create radical possibility for awareness of intersubjective power dynamics.

Music in collaboration with Dewey and the Ticks: Shala Miller, Brian Trelegan, Farah Al Qasimi, Wesley Chavis, Grace Chen, Christopher Carroll, Erik DeLuca. Voices: Shala Miller and Wesley Chavis. Lyrics by Kerry Downey. Thank you Dewey and the Ticks, Erik DeLuca and Michael Demps for audio assistance. Thanks to Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture and Triangle Arts Association for your support. This work has been deeply influenced by Sara Ahmed's "Queer Phenomenology," and particularly her citing of Franz Fanon.

To see the full video, contact kerrycdowney(at)