‚ÄčA Third Space, 2014-2016, single channel video; 7:41

Produced with an overhead projector, Downey’s experimental animation explores a series of haptic encounters with people, histories, objects, and spaces. Relationships shift between the intimate and remote, slippery and stable, poetic and political.  As text and imagery move in and out of comprehension, it’s unclear if we are learning a language or forgetting one. Downey is interested in frames of recognition, the processes by which we come to know or love or experience an “other.” Repetitions alert us to the shapes of our desires. The handle, a common image in Downey’s work, is a literal thing to reach for or hold onto; it is also an object that connects the body to the outside world, to an “other.” This tool that is neither you nor me, is rife with precarity and possibility, begging the question, what is at stake with our coming in contact with the world? 

A Third Space
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